Long-kept secret of the taste and effectiveness

Honey from Old Mountain

The best of the best recognized the superb recipe and, for some, the combination of incompatible. The effort we have put so as to reach perfection is appreciated by those who themselves invested a lot of effort to become the best.

One of them is the best tennis player in the world – the best of all times - , Novak Djokovic. The first racquet of the world, enchanted by the finest taste of the honey, decided to distribute „Gold Honey “ under his name,“Novak Djokovic Gold Honey“.



We set the new scale of luxury. We are not limiting ourselves to only one category, but rather to satisfing the highest needs for premium goods in high-end lifestyle.


GOLD ESSENCE create and offer unique concepts and fusions, starting from one of the most precious elements out there – gold – and integrate it more to our consumer habits as it has very wide application.


We works as B2B. Developing top quality, complete, but still opened concepts which we adopt or develop on in partnership with companies around the world, for the retail on their markets of interest.


Gold Honey

Premium honey with royal jelly and edible 23 karat gold powder

Brand „Gold Honey“ holds all the necessary certificates on quality and safety, issued by authorities in The Republic of Serbia. Also, the product owns Halal certificate.

Packages in which „Gold Honey“ is available are 135gr and 270gr.


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